500px gets a major update with new features like Flow, Stories and Market

500px has turned out to be one of the strongest challengers to Flickr in the photo sharing market.

The service is now preferred by tons of professional photographers around the world.

500px has just launched a major update on their photo sharing platform with a bunch of new features…

500px gets a major update with new features like Flow, Stories and Market

Flow: This is a new way to check out photos on the platform. There are different flows available to all users. A primary flow stream on the homepage of the service that showcases the best photos uploaded in recent times. A flow for logged in users based on actions of their contacts on the service. And a personalized flow based on your own actions and interests.

Stories: 500px users can now create stories out of photos hosted on the service. A story can have a single image or hundreds. This is a cool concept to create customized galleries to share with friends and family.

Market: This is a feature aimed at users who want to generate revenue from their 500px account by selling prints and digital downloads. The company said:

We designed Market from scratch, and completely redefined the way people buy art online. No more endless frame choice or hundreds of different papers — just the best quality canvas available in the US printed in two large, vivid sizes — 24×36 and 30×30 inches. Every 500px photo will look absolutely gorgeous on a such beautiful canvas. Photographers love Market because each sale brings more than $200 in profit — and we take care of billing, printing, shipping and quality control.

All high-resolution photos in Market are securely stored and are not available for the public, and only used to print the order or create HD downloads.

With Market, we are also introducing HD downloads as an option for buyers. Different from usual 20-25% revenue cut other photo platforms provide to photographers, Market provides photographers with 70% revenue, taking care of orders, credit card processing and storage. All HD downloads are available in crystal clear full 1080p (1920×1080 or similar, depending on photo dimensions), and available for just $2.99.