52GB Memory? Sony India using deceptive advertising for their Xperia Tipo smartphone in India

Sony India has outdone other smartphone manufacturers by using a highly deceptive advertisement for their Xperia Tipo smartphone model.

The company is highlighting 52.2GB memory as a core feature. There is a # mark of course with this claim which reveals that this is cloud storage provided by Box. And even that is available only till the end of current year.

In case you do not know what Box is…

Box is a web based service that provide online storage. Sony is bundling their mobile app on the phone. You get 50GB storage on their servers. This means that you need an internet connection to store your data on this storage space. And you need an internet connection to access the same data. You do not have this data available with you all the time.

The biggest problem with this claim is that the user does not have access to 52.2GB space on the phone. The space is in the cloud. And to access that storage you need an internet connection. And even if you want to, you cannot have all that data offline because there is just not enough space available on the phone itself.

We all know how affordable mobile internet solutions are in the country. Just imagine the money you would need to spend to transfer 50GB of data on 3G in India. It would probably turn out to be more expensive than this phone itself!

The company of course is bundling 500MB of free data on Vodafone 3G with this device. Just for three months. Good luck making use of that 50GB storage on Box.

PS. It is a shame that Sony India has to resort to these levels to attract customers. Not everyone is techie enough to understand what Box is. Not everyone buying a smartphone connects to a cellular internet service. People expect to get what is being advertised to them without any extra charges. Box connectivity here is just that… A way to fool people into believing that they are getting a lot for their money. Not good.

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  • suraj

    fuck sony

  • kkkk

    Fucking Sony

  • zee

    sony is best company beside samsung and others like htc lg motorola u cant expect in this budget a 50gb storage device in ur hand though sony is given this offer where no other company cant imagine that

    • http://sushubh.net/ chromaniac

      lol ok.

  • bharath

    sony company dont know the fools day. he he