Mumbai students might soon be able to buy Aakash Tablet for Rs. 1138

Online sources are reporting that students in Mumbai would soon get the option to buy the Aakash Tablet PC for just around Rs. 1138.

This Tablet PC is already on sale in the retail market for around Rs. 2500. Students would get it at subsidized pricing.

Rajpal Hande, director, board of college and university development spoke about the program: “We have issued circulars to all affiliated colleges and departments. They have to get back to us with their requirements. We are hoping that students will avail of the facility as they are getting it at almost a 50% discount. I am also told an improved version of the tablet will be launched in February, so the students might get an upgraded version.”

We are still not sure about the utility of this product which has a pretty sad battery life. But then we are not the targeted audience for this product and only time will tell how useful and productive it turns out for students.