airtel broadband offering some plans with 512kbps as FUPed speeds in Hyderabad

airtel broadband has three new plans that offer 512kbps speeds after the Fair Usage Policy has kicked in.

These plans seems to be available only in Hyderabad region where they are losing customers to Beam Broadband which offer fiber based internet plans at very attractive rates.

The new plans from airtel are nothing special. They are overpriced and have crappy limits. But for a change the FUPed speeds are not restricted to 256kbps.

Swift 20GB
Rs. 799
20GB at 2mbps
512kbps after that

Swift 30GB
Rs. 899
30GB at 2mbps
512kbps after that

Swift Turbo 30GB
Rs. 999
30GB at 4mbps
512kbps after that