Airtel now charging for email service!

Airtel now charging for email service!

Nicely done.

It is now clear why Airtel discontinued Google Apps powered airtel mail service that was offered for free to their broadband customers.

The company has ditched Google to pick Microsoft as their new partner.

Airtel would migrate the service to a Microsoft powered platform and guess what… They are charging for the new service.

The costs are Rs. 112 per email id per month. It appears that users would only get 1GB of storage on the new platform.

The company is also not guaranteeing that you would be able to retain your existing email address.

Funny thing is that Airtel claims that the new platform is ‘reliance, stable and professional’.

  • The Sorcerer

    I am curious to know who relies of airtel as a mail service considering free emails that is around for a very long time? :-|. That too Airtel, an ISP with such exotic way of charging their customers to encourage them to go to another service.

    • chromaniac

      a lot of people and businesses end up using ISP mail because that is what they have in the very beginning. if this same email address is distributed through print marketing material and is also the only your clients identify you with, you have little option but to continue use it. at least as a forwarding service to a new account.

      airtel gave these people very little time to move on. and the douchebags are not even providing a free forwarding service. it should have been illegal what they are doing.

  • Vishvajeet

    Previously airtel started e mail with domain than after closing it they started email for broadband costumer with domain which is later changed to Now they are expecting Rs112/month for new mail without grantee of continuity of same domain and any time without responsibility the may stop the serices.This is totally shameful act of such a big company like airtel.

    • chromaniac

      Rightly said!

  • ram cbe

    this is a very big disappointment to airtel mail customers ,leaving large mb s of mails ,

    this is not fair & unbearable

    i need a reply for this .