Airtel DTH gets back radio channels but they are not as good as WorldSpace

Airtel has added a bunch of radio channels to their service platforms. Most of these are from the All India Radio. There are some private ones too. But these are no comparison to what they had originally launched with… WorldSpace.

Airtel was forced to remove the WorldSpace channels after the company stopped operating in the country. Here is the list of available channels:

AIR Assamese
AIR Bangla
AIR Gujarati
AIR Hindi
AIR Kannada
AIR Malayalam
AIR Marathi
AIR North-East
AIR Oriya
AIR Punjabi
AIR Ragam
AIR Tamil
AIR Telugu
AIR Urdu
FM Gold
FM Gold Mumbai
FM Rainbow
FM Rainbow Bangalore
FM Gold Chennai
Gyanvani Radio
Radio Kashmir

Airtel is not charging for these channels. They really cannot considering the quality of the available options!