AOL AIM division getting major job cuts

Online sources report that AOL is cutting a lot of jobs in their AIM division.

The aim is to cut costs to ensure that the unit is not consuming too many financial resources considering it is not a profitable venture right now.

AOL AIM division getting major job cuts

Reports say that the company is cutting around 40 jobs in the operations. More cuts could be made in the coming weeks.

The company is also cutting jobs in other divisions of AOL. AIM is however getting the maximum number of cuts.

AOL had this to say about the report:

We are making some strategic but very difficult changes to better align our resources with key areas of growth for us as a company. We remain committed to our presence in Silicon Valley and driving innovation in consumer products and mobile.

AOL has also confirmed that Jason Shellen, vice president of the AOL messenger products is also leaving the company.