Apple is now bigger than LG and ZTE in mobile phone market!

Apple has apparently taken the third spot in the mobile phone industry. This is an incredible achievement considering they only sell variants of one single model which is a pretty high end smartphone.

Apple is now bigger than LG and ZTE in mobile phone market!

The company overtook ZTE and LG. ZTE is a big player in the feature phone market. LG of course is a global player in the mobile phone market.

Nokia and Samsung are the only two companies selling more phones than Apple. But Apple dominates both of them in terms of smartphones sales according to some analysts.

This was revealed in the latest research report published by IDC which said:

Apple jumped into the third spot globally from the fifth spot last quarter thanks to a record-breaking quarter of shipments. That represents the Cupertino-based company’s highest-ever ranking on IDC’s Top 5 global mobile phone leaderboard. The launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S smartphone, which is now available in over 90 countries (as of mid-January), was the primary reason the company leapt over LG and ZTE in 4Q11. Device sales in the U.S. and Japan were particularly strong given extra sales days in the quarter and carrier distribution.