Next Apple iPhone to feature a 4.6” retina display?

Now that Apple has launched their latest generation iPad, we now are getting rumors about the next iPhone which is expected to launch in the second quarter of the year.

Online sources are indicating that the next iPhone would feature a 4.6” retina display.

If this is true, this would make it the first display size increase on the iPhone since the first version.

Apple has stayed with the same size on the iPhone which has helped in keeping the consistency with the apps. They boosted the resolution with the retina display that was added to the Apple iPhone 4.

The company is alienating a small segment of their fans who are lured by the larger displays available on competing platforms like Google Android.

A 4.6 inch display would bring back a lot of people to their platform though might annoy others who prefer to have a device that is easier to carry in pockets!