launches USD 5 per month plan for new users launches USD 5 per month plan for new users has introduced a new plan for folks who wants to check out their platform with a smaller duration subscription.

You can now subscribe to their platform for USD 5 per month.

They have also lowered the prices of yearly subscription. USD 36 would get you a yearlong access to their platform.

Existing users would get billed on a pro-rata bases so their account validity would be extended with this change.

The company said:

This news, combined with our new Developer Incentive Program is all part of our commitment to enabling a successful, sustainable ecosystem. We fundamentally believe that 3rd-party developers will innovate faster, create better applications on more platforms, and make more users happy than any single company could. As the platform matures, and the community and app selection grows, we believe that the value and appeal of can only increase. Remember: we are just getting started.