Backupify launches FreeSpace for Google Apps based Gmail

Update: The tool only works with Google Apps based Gmail accounts. Backupify have changed the language of the announcement.

Backupify has launched another useful free service for the users of Google’s Gmail service.

The web based service is designed to help you in freeing up space in your Gmail account.

It monitors your account and alerts you on what can be done to free up space:

Proactively monitors Gmail accounts, so you can alert their owners to take action
Identifies large attachments; you pick what to delete or securely offload, and we do the rest
Leaves conversations intact, no matter whether you delete, download or ignore the attachment

The service is available for free for both Gmail and Google Apps users.

The company highlighted the uses in a corporate environment:

As a Google Apps Administrator, FreeSpace allows you to scan your entire domain to identify large accounts and emails, and then alert those affected users. From there, they can thoughtfully manage their account by either choosing which files to securely download and remove as an attachment and which files to delete.