Boid 0.7.1 released with major updates on Google Play Store

I have been keeping an eye on Boid for a while now. The app continues to remain in alpha as heavy development continues on this Twitter client for the Android platform.

They did release a major update today. Boid 0.7.1 comes with major UI changes along with bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Boid 0.7.1 released with major updates on Google Play Store

I am waiting for the update to be delivered to my phone as Google Play Store is not showing it right now. Here is the changelog:

Support for languages on
A complete makeover, with iconic tabs.
Combined streams for multiple accounts.
Pull to refresh is replaced with a refresh button.
Themes are temporarily removed, they’ll come back in the future.
Holding a tweet shows contextual action bar.
Twtmore for posting long tweets over 140 characters.
When you attempt to access a or URL, you can get the option to open the URL in Boid.
Ability to share text and images via Boid from external applications (like the Gallery).
Many bug fixes and improved performance everywhere
Reply all (when you reply to a tweet, all the mentions of the tweet you’re replying to are added to your new reply tweet).
Tapping already selected tab jumps to the top of the list.
Support for extracting images from Instagram (in addition to Twitter’s official image hosting, YFrog and Twitpic).
Improved algorithms for highlighting hashtags, mentions, and URLs in tweets that increase speed and decrease lag.

Developers are also working on a donation version in the future which might include some extra features as it reaches the stable edition.