Branch comes out of private beta

Branch comes out of private beta

Branch is one of the two new services launched by the co-founders of Twitter. They have now taken Branch out of private beta.

The service is now rolling out invites to people who applied for joining the platform. The service is aimed to make it easy to converse with your friends and family.

An example Branch: Re: Apple Hardware Leaks

The company spoke about the platform:

What makes Branch different? First, we value the diverse perspectives the internet gives us access to, but we also know that too many voices can make things noisy. So on Branch, you can pick who you talk to—but, like blog posts, branches are public, so you don’t miss out on the openness of the web. And we’ve recently added a feature called “branching” to the product; it’s like Github’s forking meets traditional threading. Last, we know it’s important to be connected to the rest of the web, so we made sure you can grab anything from the web, talk about it with anyone, and publish it anywhere.