Buffer launches a social Twitter experiment at @AYoungerMe

Buffer launches a social Twitter experiment at @AYoungerMe

Buffer is known for their social sharing tools. The company has launched a social experiment powered by Twitter at @AYoungerMe.

The idea is simple. This is a public account that is open for anyone to contribute. You are invited to post a tweet related to what you would want to tell a younger self.

It has already become massively popular with hundreds of tweets in queue. You can add your own piece of advice by mailing it to [email protected] (post the advice in the subject).

The company said:

The way this works, is that it will get added to a queue in a Buffer account specifically created for this experiment with everyone else’s Tweets. From the queue, once every hour a new Tweet from you or anyone who has emailed something in will be posted. We are super excited to see what happens with this. Email your Tweet in and I hope you can help us spread the word and share this post.