CloudFlare add phishing notifications on their platform

CloudFlare add phishing notifications on their platform

CloudFlare has joined Google in notifying webmasters if their websites are hacked and are being used for phishing.

Google tries to alert users who have connected their websites to their Webmasters Tool platform.

CloudFlare is doing the same with users who are using their technology to improve the performance of their website online.

The company would now alert webmasters about any phished pages on their managed domains when they log into the service.

Users visiting the phished section of the website would also be shown a warning with the ability to bypass it and continue to the web page.

CloudFlare spoke about this new feature:

Given our position in the internet ecosystem, we often receive phishing reports via our abuse channel. Previously, this meant a manual process to notify the appropriate parties especially the site owner. We felt we could serve our customers better, and their customers in turn, with a solution unique to CloudFlare. When we have identified a URL that is phishing we notify the owner and provide them summary information and notifications when they log in. We also begin serving a warning page in place of the bad URL. This page can be bypassed by the visitor at their preference.