CloudFlare launches Mirage for automated responsive websites for their users

CloudFlare launches Mirage for automated responsive websites for their users

CloudFlare has launched a new feature on their platform. They call this one Mirage.

Mirage is designed to bring automated responsive design to their paying subscribers.

The idea is to ensure that consumer website load optimized elements on the web pages depending upon the device being used to access them.

CloudFlare Mirage would automatically resize images to fit the display of the visitor. It would also ensure that elements which are not in view are loaded only when the user scrolls down.

The idea is to improve the speed of loading of websites while saving bandwidth. The company said:

CloudFlare Mirage is aware of the images on your page, the size of a visitor’s viewport, and the type of device and network connection their device has. It then automatically optimizes image loading to only deliver the images that are necessary. Mirage prioritizes the loading of the images that are in the viewport. It then loads the other images as they are needed or as there are spare network resources available. In addition to lazy loading, Mirage can also automatically optimize images to the size and resolution that is best for the page and device. One of the biggest wastes on the web is that people will upload a large image and then resize it down to a thumbnail or smaller size within HTML. Mirage detects cases like this and instructs the CloudFlare CDN to do the image resizing at the server.

Creating a responsive website can be a tedious task for most web publishers. It requires too much effort and creation of too many resources. CloudFlare Mirage literally automates the process. You just have to be a paying customer of their platform!