CloudFlare updates Always Online functionality on their platform

One of the core features offered by CloudFlare is that it caches the content of your website and uses it to show to your visitors when your server goes down for whatever reason.

The idea is to let the visitor get access to cached content on your domain rather than a dead site.

This feature has not worked well because of multiple reasons as CloudFlare explained in their blog post.

They have now launched a better version of Always Online that is powered by their own web crawler that indexes client websites.

The company said:

The frequency that we refresh pages in the Always Online depends on your plan. We crawl free customers once every 9 days, Pro customers once every 3 days, and Business and Enterprise customers daily. We are tinkering with the amount of time we spend crawling each site as well as tuning the crawler to ensure it doesn’t visit sites when they’re under load or otherwise impose any additional burden.