Dalton Caldwell has just announced App.net Developer Incentive Program

Dalton Caldwell has announced a new program to attract developers to code for their App.net platform.

App.net has already attracted lots of developers who have coded mobile and other type of services powered by their API.

Caldwell now wants to ensure that the business model is viable for the developers so that the platform can grow in the coming years.

He said:

We envision a developer ecosystem that supports a wide variety of applications, applications which look very different than alpha.app.net. For example, we expect to see App.net-enabled games (a simple chess app has already been created), group messaging, collaboration, and frankly things that we haven’t thought of. As part of turning our words and ideas into concrete action, I am pleased to announce the App.net Developer Incentive Program. The goal of this program is to financially reward the development of great App.net applications.

The incentive program would give at least USD 20,000 per month to the developers who are eligible for this program. The amount given to each developer would be based on how well their apps perform on the ratings given by the users.