Delhi Police Mobile Feedback mobile app launched on Google Play Store!

MindHelix Technologies has collaborated with Delhi Police to launch a specialized Google Android app to enable people in the city to provide feedback and complaints to the department.

The app description:

As a part of the Citizen First Initiative by the Delhi Police, the Delhi Police Citizen First Mobile Application enables the direct feedback from the citizen to the nearest Police Station Head Officer. The app focuses on reporting crime data and information with the aid of text and images to the Delhi police, so that the data is stored on the police directory. The crime data is reported with automatic GPS location or the location is entered manually and data is transferred to nearest police station. This acts as an abrupt reporting system and also an easier way to connect a commoner and the police.

Delhi Police Mobile Feedback
Delhi Police Mobile Feedback


* The citizen can report mishaps according to the various categories, and the reports are directed to the local Station Head Officer.
* The user can attach an image along with the report.
* The data is taken from GPS or it can be manually entered.
* The reported Feedbacks will be actioned upon.