Dropbox Chooser enable third party services to let user upload files directly from their own account!

Dropbox recently collaborated with Facebook to launch a new feature that allow users to share files from their Dropbox account in Facebook Groups posts.

Dropbox has now announced a new platform named Dropbox Chooser. Dropbox Chooser provide APIs to offer similar functionality to third party developers.

Web services can use this platform to add support for Dropbox on their own products. Users would then be able to share files from their own Dropbox account.

The company said:

Enter the Dropbox Chooser: a new way for developers to let you access the photos, docs and videos in your Dropbox from any web application, and keep them updated. We recently announced that you could share from Dropbox inside Facebook Groups, and with the Dropbox Chooser, we’re making a similar feature available for other app developers.