Evernote announce changes to their terms of service and privacy policy

Evernote is alerting all their users of the changes in their terms of service and privacy policy. The company said that they are simplifying the language and making some changes which should be reviewed by all the users.

The company said that users who are not happy with the policy changes can discontinue their account by the end of the year. The new policy would be applicable from next year.

Evernote clarifies that the basic policies remain the same. Users own their data. And all of this data is stored securely on their servers. And the data remains portable as it is accessible from any device connected to the internet.

The company said:

We spend a lot of our time improving our products to make them easier to use and more friendly. Now we’re applying that same thinking to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and legal relationship with our users. On December 4th, we will launch a new Legal Page at Evernote.com that will collect the important legal documents relating to the Evernote Service and our products. We are also making some important revisions to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, making them easier to understand and reflecting our expansion from our California roots.