Evernote updates Apple Safari Web Clipper app with tons of new feature

Evernote has released an updated edition of Safari Web Clipper with a bunch of new features.

Web Clipper feature lets you save notes from web pages you visit in your Evernote account for future reference.

New features:

Smart Filing: It suggest notebooks and tags for your new clips based on your previous filings in the account.

Related Notes: It suggest existing notes that are similar to the one you are saving. The idea is to let you connect them with existing notes.

Simultaneous Search: Evernote integrates with popular search engine services if you so desire. You get search results from your existing notes right on the search result pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Other enhancements:

Article detection

The Web Clipper detects the body of the pages you’re clipping so that you don’t have to worry about highlighting and selecting content. We’ve adding a new feature that lets you use your keyboard’s arrow keys to select more or less of the page. No mouse required.
Clip into Shared Notebooks

Working with friends, colleagues and classmates is an important part of the Evernote story. Now, you can use the Safari Web Clipper to help you with group projects by clipping directly into Shared Notebooks. You’ll find the Shared Notebooks listing in the clipping popup’s notebook selection dropdown menu. Don’t forget, in order to clip into someone’s Shared Notebook, they must have a Premium subscription.