Facebook announces establishment of engineering hub in London

Facebook is now hiring engineers in the city of London. The company said:

London is a perfect fit for Facebook engineering - it’s a global hub, and it has a vibrant local startup community with lots of great technical talent. Our team in London will start small, focusing on building a core of great engineers, and then grow over time and eventually focus on building products in key areas like mobile and platform. We are a culture of builders, and the environment we plan to create in London will reflect that. Despite the size of our service - 900 million users and growing - we still push new code to the site every day. We eliminate unnecessary process and give all our engineers the opportunity to work on the things that matter most. Our engineers in London - like those in Menlo Park, New York, and Seattle - will be able to pursue great ideas and ship products quickly.

If you are a web developer based in London, you might want to consider their London Jobs Page.