Facebook hiring Lightbox (Android) development team

Facebook hiring Lightbox (Android) development team

Facebook recently announced that they were acquiring Instagram to boost their mobile photo sharing offerings.

They have now announced another similar acquisition. Facebook is buying Lightbox. Lightbox highlighted an important aspect of the deal. Facebook does not get access to the current services or user data. They are basically hiring the entire development team and the service is being killed.

Lightbox started as a photo sync service on the Android platform. The app uploaded all the photos taken by the phone on their servers and synced it in the future. The idea was to have access to all your photos at all the time on both mobile and desktop.

The company later expanded their offering by providing a Tumblr style photo blogging service as well.

Lightbox spoke about their acquisition deal:

Today, we’re happy to announce that the Lightbox team is joining Facebook, where we’ll have the opportunity to build amazing products for Facebook’s 500+ million mobile users.

This means we’re no longer accepting new signups. If you’re an existing user, you can continue to use Lightbox.com until June 15.

If you are using their service, this is where you can download all your data saved on their servers.