Facebook launches a comprehensive plugin for WordPress platform

Facebook launches a comprehensive plugin for WordPress platform

Facebook has finally released an official plugin for the WordPress blogging platform.

This plugin is very powerful and you should be using it if you are a heavy user of Facebook.

Facebook integration with WordPress provides a variety of features:

You can automate posting your latest content to your Facebook profile or Facebook Page.
You can mention your friends’ name in the post itself and it would be sent to their timeline.
You can also mention a page’s name to post it directly on that page.

The plugin also offers a couple of widgets for your WordPress powered blog:

Activity Feed: Shows readers their friends’ activity on the site, such as likes and comments.
Recommendations: Gives readers personalized suggestions for pages on your site they might like, as well as a Recommendations Bar option to give users the option to add content to their Timeline as they read.
Customizable Like, Subscribe and Send buttons.
Comments Box: Makes it easy for people to comment on your site and post back to Facebook, and includes moderation tools. The plugin also features automatic SEO support for Facebook Comments, so search engines can index them to improve your site’s visibility.

Facebook and WordPress are also offering this plugin to the users of WordPress.com VIP service.