Facebook Open Graph gets explicitly shared actions

Facebook Open Graph gets explicitly shared actions

Facebook has added a new feature to their Open Graph platform. They call it ‘explicitly shared actions’.

The company spoke about this new functionality:

Developers can add a new, optional explicitly shared parameter to signal which actions users want to prominently share on Facebook. We expect this change will drive more traffic to apps that people use to proactively share content to Facebook and result in no significant impact for all other types of apps. Explicitly shared actions are eligible to appear as stand-alone stories in news feed and they’ll appear consistently on the left side of a person’s timeline. All other activity will continue to appear in ticker, trending units and aggregations in news feed, and in recently activity and aggregations on timeline.

This is to be offered as an optional setting for the user and would have to appear on each instance of sharing. Facebook said:

Explicitly shared content needs to be optional for users to post and have a clear Facebook sharing control that’s visible in every instance of sharing (not separate in a settings area).