Facebook now rumored to be working on a Snapchat clone!

Facebook has been aggressively pushing into the mobile market with their apps. The company has a regular app focused on their platform. In addition, they also have a camera and a messaging app. the company also acquired Instagram for more than USD 700 million to take over their biggest competition in the mobile photo sharing market.

Facebook is now said to be close to launching yet another app that would provide a similar functionality to Snapchat.

Spanchat is one of the hottest new mobile app in the market. It lets you share photo (and now video) with friends with a predefined time period for which it remains available.

After the time runs out, the photo/video is deleted from the app and it is no longer accessible.

Critics of this platform loves to call this a sexting app. though it is a pretty cool way to share photos that you might not want to retain for a long period of time.