Flickr announces New Year’s cleaning which means discontinuation of unpopular features

Flickr has just revealed a couple of changes that their users would see in the coming months.

Flickr announces New Year’s cleaning which means discontinuation of unpopular features
Here is what they are planning to do…

They are going to discontinue Picnik integration. They are working on their own in-house replacement which they promise would be much better. The service is owned by Google today which might be the reason behind this decision.

Flickr is also discontinuing a recently launched feature named Photo Session. Flickr said that the feature is not used by a lot of people and hence there is no point in keeping it. They plan to use the technologies developed for this platform in other components of the service.

Flickr Clock was hidden a while ago. It is still available if you know the link to the section. They are going to shut it down as well. Flickr said: “We created the clock to gather visual, video (or “long photos” as we like to call them) moments in time from around the world. It’s a pretty little thing, but its user experience is complicated and it’s not core to our product offering – so we’re going to say goodbye.”

Flickr is also going to discontinue the Slate edition of Flickr app for Windows 7. We might see them offer a Metro version when Windows 8 launches later this year.

Flickr has a warning for developers using their APIs in their products. They are going to discontinue support for FlickrAuth this year. They are advising developers to switch to oAuth which they fully support.

Flickr has also announced that they are going to stop supporting Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.6 editions this year. These browsers already see a couple of compatibility issues. Things are just going to get worse for the users of these versions this year.

Jan 2012
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