Flickr now has justified view in Favorites section

Flickr continues to roll out visual updates to their photo sharing platform.

The company has now made available their new justified view in the favorite stream.

This is already available on the user’s contacts page.

Flickr now has justified view in Favorites section

Justified view shows the images in larger sizes and they spread across the page to fill the screen.

Flickr spoke about this update:

Do you ever find yourself saying that? We do! It makes perfect sense that we all love our individual Favorites pages; after all it’s the page on Flickr where you get to handpick all the photos that mean something to you, whether it be photos of family or a stunning photo that you discovered in Explore. So it’s excellent that from now on, you’ll be able to experience your (and other people’s) Favorites page with even more gusto, using the Justified View, voilà!

As with the Photos from your Contacts page, the roll out will be gradual, but is likely to be very fast. If you don’t see it right now, check back again shortly, it’s on the way.