Flipkart set to launch Flyte digital media store?

Woikr has reported that Flipkart might be nearing the launch of their digital media store named Flyte.

The store is likely to feature MP3 downloads. This could become one of the first major online destinations to purchase music in the Indian market.

Flipkart set to launch Flyte digital media store?

Indian consumers do not have access to Apple iTunes or Amazon MP3. There are some retailers offering limited catalog but overall, there is a solid need for a digital media store here.

The report has a screenshot of what looks like an accidental update from the company. It could very well be a fake. Hard to say.

Flyte is a weird name for a digital music store. In the end, the branding does not matter… Flipkart would have to price the content appropriately while ensuring that the user experience is excellent to get people to pay for MP3 files!