Foursquare Explore comes to desktops!

Foursquare has just become 100 times more useful. They have launched their Explore functionality on desktop browsers.

Foursquare Explore comes to desktops!

You can now get access to all the recommendations powered by check-ins by your friends and millions of other Foursquare users right inside the browser on your computer.

The company said that the system can generate extremely powerful and useful recommendations that you can use on a daily basis.

Foursquare gave some ideas on how you can begin using this new platform:

Find a place to go to lunch today that you’ve never been before (hint: look for the ‘I haven’t been to yet’ checkbox).
Search for a nice spot to try out tomorrow night (try searching “fun,” “romantic,” or “Friday”).
Pick a city you’ve been wanting to visit (Chicago? Paris? Rio?) and look at our personally-tailored top picks for you there, based on your check-ins from your hometown.