FT Web App now catering to more than 1 million users!

Financial Times has proved that web apps can succeed too.

They were one of the first major newspapers to launch a mobile web app instead of a native app.

The idea behind this app was to get around the Appleā€™s 30% cut on revenues generated through the app.

FT has just announced that their app is now catering to more than 1 million subscribers.

They said:

The launch of the FT Web App has significantly boosted mobile and tablet traffic. FT.com now sees 20% of total page views and 15% of new B2C subscriptions each week coming directly from mobile and tablet devices. These readers are also more engaged, with FT.com users who register on mobiles and tablets 2.5 times more likely to subscribe, as well as being more active in giving feedback.

FT Web App now catering to more than 1 million users!

Nov 2011

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