Full resolution image sharing through Google Plus Mobile Apps

Google has updated their Plus app for both iOS and Android platforms this week.

Both the apps now support full resolution image sharing.

We have already noticed that how this full resolution image sharing could be breaking one of the features of Google Plus… Google Plus mobile apps are able to upload and share images larger than 2048 pixels which mean that these images consume the 1GB storage available to all Google accounts. If you have a paid storage account, Google is likely to count its data usage.

Another interesting thing worth noting here… Google Plus mobile apps first upload a smaller version of the image. This is used to quickly sharing the image through a post in the Google Stream. Google then uploads the larger version of the image in the background and that image replaces the smaller version posted earlier. This is actually a very good decision on Google’s part as most mobile users are likely to be on slow mobile internet connections.

It would be nice if Google provide options to restrict smaller image uploads on Edge/3G and these images can be replaced with larger versions which the user enters a Wi-Fi zone.

Instagram is loved by its user base for similar techniques which makes image sharing fast and intuitive on the iPhone platform.