Galaxy Nexus on Verizon would not support Google Wallet!

Google’s third Nexus branded Android smartphone is turning into a disaster already.

The company compromised on some of the aspects of the phone. Most reviews talk about the not so good camera and the compromised PenTile display technology used by the touchscreen.

Galaxy Nexus on Verizon would not support Google Wallet!

And then the biggest problem was revealed. Google choose to not sell it directly to the consumer. Unlike the first two phones (Nexus One and Nexus S), Galaxy Nexus is not being sold in unlocked GSM edition in the US market until now.

Verizon is the only US based carrier to announce this phone on their network and the launch is already pretty delayed.

And we now have some more bad news. Verizon is not allowing Galaxy Nexus to support Google Wallet mobile payment platform. Instead they are going to push their own ISIS platform which they developed in collaboration with AT&T and T-Mobile.

Google has confirmed that Galaxy Nexus on Verizon would not get Google Wallet support. This service is already struggling to gain popularity in the US market because only the Sprint edition of Nexus S 4G supports it officially!