Gmail gets more integration with Google Plus (reply by mail)

Gmail gets more integration with Google Plus (reply by mail)

Google has rolled out another major update on their Gmail platform. Users can now get interactive notifications from Google Plus.

Google Plus notifications would now work as a fully functional controls where you can reply right there in your inbox.

Fresh replies would appear, your replies would be posted in real time. It is like having a functional Google Plus panel inside Gmail.

Of course, a similar level of integration would not work on other mail clients. So Google has also added reply by email support. You can now mail your response back right from your inbox to communicate with people on Google Plus.

Google said:

You can also reply to notifications from your mobile device (and/or POP or IMAP client). Just open the notification email about the post you’re interested in, and look for the new prompt, “Reply to this email.” Tap reply, send your comment, and we’ll automatically add it to the ongoing Google+ conversation. Even if you don’t use Gmail, you can still reply-by-email from many different services.