Google AdSense to soon start adapting ads to the size of the device

Google AdSense developers have stated that they are working on improving how Google Ads appear on web pages.

The basic idea of the new initiative is to change how the ads are displayed based on the device used by the visitor.

They would appear normally on a desktop screen. But Google would automatically change them to fit the screen size on smaller devices like smartphones and Tablets.

The number of ads in the block would also change. The size would also be changed to ensure that the ads are visible to the user. Google added that the text size would also be changed for optimal display. The ads would also be optimized for touch displays.

Google AdSense to soon start adapting ads to the size of the device

The idea is to make them useful for the smartphone/tablet user and potentially generate more revenues for the publishers.

Google said:

We’re making our text ads smarter and will soon display them differently so they perform optimally depending on where users are viewing them from: computers, tablets, or smartphones. The best part is that our ads do the right thing automatically - without any changes required to your web pages - by detecting what device your web page is being viewed from.

With this change, we’re taking advantage of the unique features of mobile devices to deliver more engaging, better-performing ads. Since the screens are smaller, we’re reducing the number of ads per ad slot and increasing the size of the text to make them more legible and noticeable.