Google makes available AdWords scripts to all users

Google has announced that all AdWords users now have access to their recently launched AdWords scripts functionality.

The company said:

In June we announced the limited release of AdWords scripts, a new AdWords tool that enables you to make changes to an AdWords account, such as updating keywords and ad copy or outputting account statistics, by writing simple JavaScript programs. Today we’re pleased to announce that AdWords scripts is available to all advertisers globally.

Google makes available AdWords scripts to all users

The platform also gets a bunch of new functionalities:

Run more complex scripts - We extended the length of script executions from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, allowing you to make more complex changes. In addition, we’ve expanded the entity limit to 100K.
Use real-time data to manage campaigns - We’re adding support for Ad Parameters, which allow you to update numeric values in ads without having to delete and re-enter ad copy or wait for policy checks.
Automate scripts with scheduling - You can now schedule scripts to run a single time, daily, weekly, or monthly.