Google Analytics Performance Reports get an overhaul

Google has announced some updates regarding the Performance reports on their Analytics platform.

The company said:

We’re constantly working to enhance performance reports, and so today, we’re introducing some changes that improve the usability of the reports and make them more visually compelling.

Google Analytics Performance Reports get an overhaul


The graph area covers a wider area of the screen.
The list of metrics has been moved from the right hand side to the top in an interactive scorecard.
There are new buttons for day, week and month for the usual timeline graph to allow for more control over granularity when analyzing activity over longer time periods.
You can choose “Events” on a timeline report graph or select the “Events” report from the left navigation to see how specific account changes are related to account performance.
There are new graph types available, such as pie or bar charts, to visualize the data you’re looking at.