Google Analytics to get speedier with latest updates

Google is rolling out some enhancements to their Google Analytics platform to improve the speed and performance of this web app.

Here are some of the changes that would be applied to all Google Analytics accounts in the coming days:

Google Analytics get updates to improve performance

1. Google Analytics would show a progress indicator while generating reports that takes a lot of time.
2. The reports would be cached till the window is open and the same reports would be shown if you access them again in the same session. You would get the option to refresh the reports if you so desire.
3. For larger data sets Google would generate reports based on a statistically random sample of 250,000 visits. Google said that during their testing, this resulted in a much faster user experience while still providing highly accurate data. If you want to get a more precise data, Google is providing a new option for the same.

Google Analytics get updates to improve performance

Google added:

Additionally, we are reducing the number of visits at which we begin to statistically sample reports from 500,000 to 250,000. This change will increase overall speed, particularly if your account has large amounts of data. Anyone who hits this limit will experience faster load times, even if they were not previously entering fast-access mode. If you wish to use the old visit limit, simply drag the slider to the appropriate level.