Google Android 5 could see five Nexus devices!

Google has declined to comment on these latest rumors. But industry sources are pointing to something that would excite a lot of Android fans.

Google has until now launched one Nexus branded device with the release of a new Android version.

It started with the launch of Google Nexus One manufactured by HTC when Android Froyo was released.

Google followed it with the launch of Google Nexus S manufactured by Samsung with the release of Android Gingerbread.

Google Android Honeycomb was launched through Motorola Xoom. It was not a Nexus branded product but the device shipped with stock Android edition.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the most recent Nexus branded phone. This was the worst of the launches as Google did not sell an unlocked edition in the US market immediately.

Google Android 5 is expected to be named Jelly Bean and should be out later this year. And sources say that Google could partner with five of the biggest Android manufacturers to launch five Nexus branded smartphones for sale in the market in unlocked edition.

This launch could boost the popularity of stock Android devices as consumers would have the option to pick from multiple devices.

And Google is expected to sell them unlocked without a contract. So consumers would be able to buy these phones and use them with any of the compatible mobile carriers.