Google announces a new round of spring cleaning

Google has more bad news for users of their lesser popular offerings.

The company has announced the latest list of services and products that are going to be discontinued.

Here are some of them:

Google Flu Vaccine Finder is being shut down. They are suggesting you rely on HealthMap Flu Vaccine Finder for similar information.

Google Related was just recently launched as a browser add-on. It is being discontinued as well.

Google Sync for BlackBerry is probably going to affect the largest number of users. Google suggest switching to Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Google Talk mobile web app is being discontinued. Google suggests using a compatible mobile app.

Google One Pass is also being killed. It was an online payment platform for news organizations. It never became popular.

Google Patent Search is being killed. Users can use the regular Google Search for the same.

Picasa for Linux is also being discontinued. This is a pretty bad move from Google as there are tons of Linux users out there who would now have to look at alternative apps which are although very good but do not have the same level of integration with their platform.

Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac and Picasa Web Albums Plugin for iPhoto are also being killed. Users are being advised to start using Picasa for Mac OS X.