Google celebrating 500 Chrome Experiments

Google celebrating 500 Chrome Experiments

Google Chrome has changed the way we looked at browsers in the last couple of years. This browser practically restarted the browser war but in a good way. Rival browsers had to develop fast to ensure that they could compete against Chrome in terms of performance and support for newer web technologies.

Google had launched Chrome Experiments back in March 2009 to showcase the capabilities of this browser. And today they are announcing that there are 500 experiments online right now.

Google said in a blog post:

Today marks our 500th experiment, and in celebration, we created Experiment 500 as a thank you note to everyone who submitted their work to the site. It’s an array of interactive particles, each one of them corresponding to a different submission. You can sort them by date or by category.

The Experiment 500 section itself is a pretty cool showcase of the capabilities of modern browsers. Check it out here.