Google Chrome Beta for Android updated. Now available in India.


Google has updated their Chrome Beta mobile app for the Android platform.

Chrome Beta is now available in many more countries including India.

Google Chrome Beta for Android updated. Now available in India.

Complete list of countries: Argentina, Hong Kong, Norway, Australia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, India, Russia, Belgium, Ireland, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Japan, Spain, Czech Republic, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, United States, Germany, and New Zealand.

Languages supported: English, français, Deutsch, Español, português, 日本語, and 한국어.


Android Beam support - now beam URLs from Chrome to other devices with NFC.
Support for additional countries
Compatibility checks to ensure system prerequisites for Chrome are met
Essential bug fixes

Known issues

112923 : No way to toggle between mobile/desktop UA
113140 : YouTube Links Do Not Prompt For Which Application to Use
113132 : Chrome for Android beta doesn’t support configured proxy in wi-fi settings

Feb 2012
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