Google Chrome Extension: Dynamic Maps for Google+

Google Chrome Extension: Dynamic Maps for Google+

Google developers recently updated the check-in posts on Google Plus with an embedded image of the map.

The map is not interactive. Dynamic Maps for Google+ comes handy for such posts. It replaces the static map in such posts with a dynamic map powered by Google engine.

Dynamic map would let you look at the surrounding area of the place where your friend has recently checked-in.

Developer spoke about the app:

This extension makes Checkin maps on Google+™ dynamic by replacing them with a real Google Maps™ map as soon as you hover them. You can then explore the surroundings of the Checkin right from within Google+!

The app source code is available in open source on GitHub. Martin Matysiak created this Google Chrome extension while he interned at Google. He clarifies that it is not a Google endorsed product so use it at your own risk.