Google+ Communities Notifications extension for Google Chrome

Google Plus might continue to receive negative press because of the ignorance of the mainstream media, the fact remains it is growing at an impressive pace.

Google recently launched Communities feature on the platform which has received tremendous response.

If you are into Google+ Communities, we have an excellent browser extension recommendation for you.

It’s called Google+ Communities Notifications and it is perfect if you are member of multiple communities and want to stay updated with them.

Here are the features:

Get notifications of your all Google+ Communities from anywhere
Communities(tabs) will be sorted by the number of new posts and the timestamp of the latest activity in each community, except the community which you selected last time will be at the left end and loaded automatically.)
Posts in a community(tab) will be sorted by the timestamp of the latest activity in each post. (The latest timestamp will be displayed as well, instead of the posted timestamp.)
Posts with light pink background color are new.
Posts with light yellow background color have been updated since you opened the community last time. (It includes edited and commented activities, but +1′d and reshared.)

It is not yet available from the Chrome Web Store which makes it slightly risky venture. Installation is a bit complicated as well.