Is this why Google decided to downgrade rankings of sites hosting pirated media?

Google made an interesting announcement last week. The company said that they are going to downgrade rankings of domains which receive a large number of successful copyright infringement notifications.

This means that Google search results would not show links from torrent and file sharing services hosting pirated media on priority.

A lot of people have criticized Google for bowing down to the media giants around the world hurting the fairness of search results on their platform.

We now have some idea why Google took this decision.

British Phonographic Industry has released a statement saying they are extremely happy at this move by Google.

AND this is likely to help in their talks with Google for their music store on Google Play.

Looks like Google has taken this step to improve their relationships with the media labels to get the appropriate licenses for their Google Music store.

British Phonographic Industry said:

This has the potential to be really significant, but it all depends how it is reflected in the results people see. It makes us feel that Google is a little bit more on our side. It’s helpful background music to these [Google Music] discussions, certainly.

They have been trying to get Google to highlight content from legit services when web users searched for keywords related to music, movies and television sources.