Google Plus Developers Page launched

Google has launched their official Google+ Developers page on the Plus platform.

Google Plus is around 6-7 months old now though the company has still kept it a pretty closed one.

They are providing a bunch of APIs… But most of the apps connecting to Google Plus are read only in nature.

There are some apps that can post to Google Plus but that number is very small currently (Vitrue Publisher is one… YouTube uses it to post on Google Plus).

Google spoke about the official Google+ Developers page:

Today we’re launching the Google+ Developers page to help you stay connected to all the latest Google+ platform news, events, community, and more. As the lead of the Google+Developer Relations team, I’m really looking forward to meeting you there — add the page to your circles to join the conversation, comment on posts, and join our hangouts.

Our team will host regular hangouts to talk about the +Platform, your experiences with it, and share tips and tricks with the community. Our weekly office hours hangouts take place every Wednesday at 11:30am - 12:15pm PDT, and can be accessed from our Google+ Developers page. The +Platform team will also share Google+ developer events, conferences and hackathons, as well as photos and videos of the events. In addition, we’ll announce and discuss our +Platform launches on our page.