Google Docs gets some updates related to offline support and more

Google continues to roll out improvements to their Google Docs platform which is now part of Google Drive.

There are some improvements made to the offline support. Google said:

Today we updated the offline experience so it looks the same as when you’re online - except it’s filtered to show just your offline docs. Here’s an extra tip: if you want to preview which files are available offline, select More > Offline Docs in the left navigation pane while you’re still connected to the web. This update will roll out to all Drive users over the next few days.

In addition, Google has also rolled out some other updates:

Updates to Google Apps Script including a standalone script editor, the ability to create richer user interfaces, options to easily store your application’s data, and support for publishing scripts to the Chrome Web Store
Expanded language support in the documents and presentations spellchecker to include German, French and Italian
The ability to print documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to any cloud connected printer with Google Cloud Print from any browser
Up to 400pt font support in documents and presentations
Copying and pasting images from your desktop into a document or presentation
An easy way to edit or open links from text by right clicking on them