Google Plus get domain labels for organizations using Google Apps

Google has rolled out some improvements for the users of Google Plus in organizations.

The company has added domain labels to users connecting to Google Plus using their company accounts.

This label would be visible to all the other employees of the same organization.

The idea behind this label is to make it easy for members of the organization to find coworkers while sharing content or mention them in comments.

Google spoke about this new functionality:

Now, to make it easier for you to find coworkers, add them to Circles and share things with them on Google+, we’re adding new domain labels. When you hover over someone’s name or photo, a window will show with more information. If that person is part of your organization, you’ll see a label below their name with your organization’s name. You’ll see this same label when you +mention a colleague in a post or comment. Note: Labels are only visible to other people in your company to make sure they’re connecting with the right person.