Google Drive SDK updated with support for mobile apps

Google has updated their Google Drive SDK with tons of new functionalities.

Biggest of the new features is support for mobile apps. Third party developers can now connect to Google Drive on both Android and iOS devices.

They can open and save files directly on the Google Drive. This would let them offer file editing capabilities.

Google spoke about the new features:

Today, we’re announcing full mobile support for Android and iOS apps using the Drive SDK. Mobile apps can securely use the Drive API to read and write files directly to Google Drive. Users can also “Open with” on mobile devices to view or edit content from their phone or tablet just like they do on the web. (Installation of apps via the Chrome Web Store is no longer required.) We also introduced several new features for Drive apps for the web. Google Drive makes it easy to share files, and we’re bringing sharing to your apps with the familiar Drive sharing box. With just a few lines of JavaScript added to your app, users can share their files with the new embeddable sharing component. Also, users can now open Google document formats in any app that supports one of the many export formats available.